A few newsy bits from Elite Helicopters

So a bit of a catch up to let you know what has been happening at Elite recently!!

Commerical Pilots Licence
It seems incredible that we are into April of this year already and are starting to see some really nice flying weather days now that Spring is getting a firmer foothold. The severe storms and heavy rainfall over the winter have been challenging, especially for the fixed wing aircraft based at Goodwood with the aerodrome being waterlogged for a lot of the winter period. Thankfully this did not affect the rotary aircraft quite as badly and we were able to get on with some flight training, albeit with cancellations having to happen due to inclement weather days, to all those affected we thank you for your patience when this happened. Other than this we are pleased to have been left unscathed and ready for a brand new and hopefully very busy season.

Exciting News: (Well for us anyway) We are really pleased to say that we are, at last (after 8 years of asking), getting new hangar doors installed. The renovation will take about 6 weeks to complete, but will be worth the wait and then we can look at some plans to tidy up the hangar area and re-paint the floor etc.

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