Advanced Flying And Ratings

Below are various options for advanced flying courses and ratings.

London Heliroutes

Learn to thread your way safely through the London Heliroutes, along the Thames and over the Olympic site without causing an international incident! This will usually take several flights with one of our helicopter instructors until they are confident you know your way around. To be able to fly in this area as a PPL is a privilege and training must be taken seriously.

London Heliroutes

Fly Over To Le-Touquet

Learn the ins and outs of Flight Plans/GAR Forms and various other paperwork items to be completed and procedures to be followed prior to taking yourself across the water! Learn to appreciate the visual distortions of flying over water with less than perfect conditions. Apply for a landing permit to allow you to land off-airfield and enjoy the many beautiful chateaux which are located all over France. This makes for a great weekend away!


Mountain Flying

Learn the complexities of flying in and around Mountains. We regularly arrange for groups of pilots to have a fun flying weekend away. We would usually arrange for hotel accommodation in North Wales, near Caernarfon, where the group will be extremely well looked after. The training is NOT for a Mountain Flying Rating, it is purely for appreciation of the conditions found in a mountainous region, and what hazards to avoid should you find yourself flying in these conditions. Ideally the weekend would involve 5 hours’ dual training.

Night Rating

Exercise the privileges of your pilot’s licence during hours of darkness by obtaining a Helicopter Night Rating, enabling you to fly at a time when many others have called it a day. A Night Rating can be very beneficial if you happen to be delayed on the way home from a trip, or when the long winter evenings have set in. The techniques learned can also prove to be very useful when flying in less than perfect weather conditions by day. That aside, the spectacular views from the cockpit alone are enough to make this course a must!

Pre-Course Requirements

  • 100 hours’ total flight time after the issue of the PPL(H), to include:
    60 hours’ Pilot in Command.
    20 hours’ cross-country flight.

Course Requirements

  • 5 hours’ Ground School.
  • 5 hours’ Night Flying – to include:
    3 hours’ dual.
    5 solo night circuits – each circuit to include a take-off and landing.
    10 hours’ Instrument Training flying by sole reference to instruments.

The Course must be completed within 6 months.

Type Ratings

Once you have completed your PPL(H), you will be able to progress on to other types of helicopter.

Elite Helicopters are approved to carry out Type Ratings and can provide specific Type Rating training on a range of helicopter types, which include:
Cabri G2, Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206 Jet Ranger and AS 350.

Each Type Rating course consists of structured theoretical and flight training elements (to include a minimum of 2 to 5 hours flight time, dependent upon the specific type and the individual’s existing rating privileges) followed by a Licence Skills Test (LST) flown with one of our in-house CAA authorised Flight Examiners. This can normally be achieved, weather permitting, in a 2-3 day period, although the amount of time required depends very much on the individual’s prior experience.

Differences training can also be provided on to:
Bell 206 Jet Ranger to Bell 206 Long Ranger.
AS350 B/B1/B2 to AS350 B3/B3e.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you have any questions and want to know the prices, please feel free to get in touch.